How do you get started on the path to wellness?

What can you expect when you enter our office?

  1. HEALTH HISTORY AND CONSULTATION... We never perform any services until we’ve explained them and obtained your consent. After making a convenient appointment, you’ll provide us with a comprehensive history of when you slipped from health to ill-health. During private consultation with the doctor, you’ll probably be surprised to find that the symptoms which brought you to our office are only the most recent indications of a deeper health problem.
  2. EXAM... discovering the course of your problem. The exam will include an orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic testing. Non-invasive muscle testing called surface electromyography will be done to determine abnormal muscle contraction of the spinal muscles. If x-rays are needed, we will refer you to the radiology clinic. We’re not only interested in your problem, but also the cause of your problem.
  3. REPORT OF FINDINGS... the most important decision of your care. After correlating our findings, I’ll sit down and review everything with you; what’s wrong and why, your chances of recovery and the cost. Then-with goals clearly defines and with your consent-we’ll begin Initial Intensive, Reconstructive, or Wellness Care. Isn’t that what a real doctor/patient relationship should be?
  4. CARE... beginning the chiropractic corrective process. We’ll begin care by gently correcting the spinal malfunction that is adversely affecting your nerve system and health. The correction process is comfortable and not time consuming. Even children love the correction process.
  5. EDUCATION... helping you to understand the need for care. We have an educational and entertaining program to assist you in making decisions about your health. There are short and informative videos as well as an ongoing slide show in the reception area with new information monthly.
  6. PROGRESSIVE EXAM... breaking through to excellence.
At your follow-up exams we’ll determine exactly how you’ve responded to care, then you can decide when to begin the exciting realm of Reconstructive and Wellness Care. I’ll make recommendations based on our exams, but you’ll make the decisions. Wellness Care is where patients truly see the long-term benefits of chiropractic care.