Washington has a law stating that every category of provider must be covered in health insurance policies that are written in the state of Washington. This means that if you live in Washington and your insurance is sold to you out of Washington, you probably have chiropractic coverage.

The Family Chiropractic Center has contracted with Regence Blue Shield. This means that we accept a contracted rate of reimbursement from this insurance company for allowable charges. We bill Regence and wait to be reimbursed. The patient pays any deductible and co-pay owed as well as non reimbursable charges. For all other health insurance companies, even though they probably cover chiropractic, we are not contracted with them. This means that patients pay for services at the time of their visit, the office bills the insurance company for the patient, and the patient is reimbursed allowable charges from their insurance company.


We belong to an organization that allows us to legally discount our fees 25% for those patients who have no health care coverage. The patient joins Preferred Chiropractic Organization for $37 per year and receives the discount. This program has helped many patients receive care.


The office does accept Medicare patients. We are considered a Non Participating provider. This means the patient pays at the time of service, the office bills Medicare, and the patient is reimbursed allowable charges from Medicare.


The office does accept automobile accident insurance coverage for those injured in a motor vehicle accident. The office will bill the patient's auto insurance for medical coverage and accept assignment (wait to be paid) as long as there is coverage in place. The office may request that payment be made if there is a third party involved. This means the patient has no personal injury protection (PIP) coverage and needs to wait until the at fault insurance covers the medical expenses.