Welcome to the Family Chiropractic Center

Chiropractic is a philosophy, a science, and an art. Philosophy is always the reason "WHY" you do what you do and is therefore the most important part of chiropractic. Chiropractic is based on vitalism. In vitalism, the whole is always more than the sum of its parts.

The philosophical major premise in chiropractic is: There is an intelligence in the universe that gives everything its properties and maintains everything in existence. A subset of universal intelligence that exists in all living things is called innate intelligence. Innate intelligence is what allows us to adapt to our environment under most conditions. If we cut ourselves, the body can heal that cut. If we break a rock, it cannot put itself back together. Innate intelligence communicates throughout the body and between every cell in the body. It uses the nerve system as a vehicle for that communication. The nerve system is centered and housed in the skull and spinal column.

When there are interferences to the flow of intelligence because the spine is not aligned correctly, the body can no longer adapt to the environment. This is a state of dis-ease, or lack of harmony in the body. This does not manifest as a symptom. Left in a state of dis-ease long enough and the body eventually develops the symptoms of disease that western medicine puts names to. Spinal misalignments that lead to nerve interference and interference to innate intelligence are caused by three different types of stressors to the brain and nerve system. The research shows that they are pretty much equally distributed. One third are emotional stressors, one third are chemical stressors and one third are physical stressors. These are all difficult to avoid in our environment.

As a chiropractor, I make sure that each person has an optimum nerve supply by correcting spinal misalignments so that their innate intelligence is able to communicate through every cell in their body thereby allowing harmony and optimum health and well being. When the brain and nerve system are functioning at optimum, innate intelligence is functioning at optimum and this allows miracles to happen in the body.